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ASG Member Websites

Here, sorted by last name, are some of the Websites from members of the Austin Screenwriters Group.

If you'd like to get your site added, email the volunteer webmaster.

ASG Paid Member List

The ASG has more than 400 members on our general Yahoo list, and welcomes any and all to its twice monthly weekend meetings. To be scheduled for a critique or attend our special events, however, you must be a dues-paying member and meet a few other minimum standards. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details. Dues-paid members are invited to a second, private Yahoo list for discussing group business and getting early notice on events. PAST DUE members are in RED.

ASG Dues-Paid Members for 2017 (as of 5/25/17)

  1. Brown, Randy Liv
  2. Center, Kathy Rose
  3. Collins, Anita
  4. Deal, Eric
  5. Flaugher, Vickie
  6. Fried, Don
  7. Gannaway, Gary
  8. Gardner, Jim
  9. Keenan, David Lykes
  10. Linse, Andrea
  11. Martin, Carolyn
  12. Martin, Randy
  13. McElroy, Rebecca
  14. McCaine, Terese
  15. McManus, Diana (ASG Scheduler)
  16. Miller, Mark
  17. Oleson, Jill Robertson (ASG Treasurer)
  18. Presnell, Ron
  19. Randall, Robert
  20. Raphael, Rebecca
  21. Wayshner, Rosanne
  22. Winters, Richard
  23. Withane, Vickie
  24. Whitener, Jared
  25. Wheeler, Wendy (ASG Webmaster)
  26. Winnicki, Steve (ASG President)
  27. Yeiter, Jennifer

Dues are $36/year and and are due each year. Jill Oleson is ASG Treasurer so contact her at on how to officially join. Please contact Wendy Wheeler at if you paid dues but your name is not up here.

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